Turn your world around

Turn your world around. Cash the wind with 100% green energy

Nature is our companion

Use sustainable resources today to save it’s future

Let’s reduce our footprint and generate energy 24 hours a day. By combining wind and sun we can maximize sustainable energy generation. With the Airturb you can locally harvest energy from the wind.

Turb your future

With the installation of one or more Airturbs, it is possible for many more companies, households and municipalities to generate their own wind energy. For the first time, the wind can be used for direct application and CO2 reduction.

The wind is everywhere

Start generating energy, knowing its source

Wind and sun are not comparable. On average we have 1600 hours of sunshine per year, more than 4 hours a day. While the wind is present both during the day and at night. By combining the two infinite resources, we can generate energy locally in a new sustainable way. Instead of large horizontal wind turbines of 139 meters high, the height of the Airturb Model One Boost is only 1.55 meters. Besides it makes little or no noise, and weighs only 72 kilos as a set.

Step 1: Location inspection

Not every location is suitable, so it is important that every location is validated for the application of our solution.

Step 2: Installation
A certified installer will take care of the installation, issues your warranty, and gives you support
Step 3: Getting green
Embrace the wind, generate your own wind energy, and show everyone how sustainable you are