Use sustainable resources today to save earth’s future

The Airturb Model one is a vertical wind turbine that can provide any flat location with local and compactly generated wind energy. In addition, Airturb Model One is vibration-free, silent, animal-friendly, and hardly noticeable. 


Flexibility in location

Your Airturb Model One wherever you want. With its light and flexible design, the Airturb is suitable for any flat location.


Complete product

With the complete set, we make it possible for both consumers and companies to generate green wind energy locally.

An innovation that is accessible to everyone and everywhere

Airturb makes sustainability with wind possible for large and small companies. In addition, we work together with the best installers in your region.

An ethical established company focused on the best experience

Airturb wants to contribute to a sustainable future for planet earth. Making wind energy applicable and afforable for everyone and everywhere. With the support of earth’s infinite resource we thrive to create the best experience by focusing on our core principles. We’d like to show you our way of working. Start with following us on social media and sign up for our newsletters.