June 11, 2021
New report provides insight into the future circular wind sector

The Moonshot Circular Wind Farms project focuses on finding solutions for preserving critical materials from wind farms, both in the form of components or materials. As an end result, REgie in Transitie has drawn up the report ‘The ideation process focused on circular strategies in the wind industry’. This shows the biggest opportunities identified by the wind industry.

In view of the great rise of wind energy and the large number of wind turbines that will soon be dismantled, it is essential to organize the industry differently. This creates a future in which we can not only scale up sustainably, but also profit from the turbines that are released at the end of their life. This report describes the current state of circularity in the wind industry, as well as where opportunities lie for the industry to respond to in the coming years. More than 100 parties from across the value chain have contributed to identifying action points within circularity and have shown their commitment to further contribute to the future of the Moonshot project.

This report is an initiative of the Acceleration House Netherlands Circular! (a collaboration between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, MVO Nederland and Groene Brein), and was carried out as part of the ‘Circular Manufacturing Industry Implementation Program’ of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

The report can be read via the following link: https://www.echt.community/rapport-the-ideation-process-focussed-on-circular-strategies-in-the-wind-industry/




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