Experience and knowledge

Born from solving today’s challenges

The energy transition requires a lot from both the business community and the government. Where to start? What benefits should outweigh nature? Where are the opportunities? Who can help you with this challenge? Airturb’s Green Directors.

Airturb green consult

Green consult

Make your organisation green and fair for next generations

What will the future bring? You can make your company or municipality more sustainable and comply with all current laws and requirements, but also with public opinion. How are you going to be fully sustainable in the future? Our Green Directors know! After a good inventory, a clear plan of actions will follow, suppliers an customers are involved where necessary, users and stakeholders are included in the transition process. This will round it out from start to finish.

Site inspection

The possibilities start with getting to know your unique location

Do you want to know what is possible at your location (s) or within your municipality? Airturb has experts in various areas. Our dealers have knowledge of sun and wind, but also heat solutions and lighting. After a quick inventory check, experts come to the table to discuss not only advice with a feasibility report, but also a plan of action. To do! Because that’s what it’s all about!

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Talk to industry professionals about new developments

You are a professional in the energy transition. Your day consists of converting these challenges into products, services or implementations. As an expert you like to share your knowledge and learn from others. So join Expert Air Talks. This group of professionals from the business community and government share knowledge and experience in order to move forward together. On a quarterly basis, various experts are brought into contact with each other in order to give the energy transition a regional, national and international boost together.

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