For next generations

Green energy for the world of tomorrow 

As Airturb, we are committed to a better world in various ways. Together we can innovate and work towards a sustainable future!



Deforestation is a global problem

The forest is under pressure in many parts of the world due to socio-economic, political or other factors. Some negative effects of deforestation are, for example, the disappearance of animals and plants, which disrupts and eradicates entire ecosystems. Deforestation can also lead to river flooding and even erosion and the washing of fertile soil.

We want to ensure that the earth can “breathe” again. In order to be able to continue to “breathe” together, we have to compensate for deforestation by planting more trees. We contribute to this solution: we plant one tree for each Airturb Model One sold.


Plastic clean-up

About 40 percent of all the plastic we use is single-use plastic, such as packaging. Every year it concerns many billions of items, such as bags, bottles and trays, as well as food packaging, for example.

Our ecological system is completely out of balance. Litter is one of the biggest culprits.

Together we can do something about it! We can go on a plastic diet or go “Trash Hunten” together to clean up as much plastic as possible or prevent it from ending up in nature. We choose to fully recycle the plastic used in our products at the end of their life. We also support clean-up projects aimed at plastic waste and we regularly go on a “Trash Hunt” and we participate in the “World Cleanup Day”.


Our impact in 2021

Green (trees)

CO2 reduced ( Kilo )

Plastic soup ( Kilo )

Electric driving ( km's )

Sustainable partners

We like to work with companies that value sustainability within their organization.

Trees for all

For every product sold, we plant a tree through the Trees For All Foundation and we plant forests worldwide. Together we can prevent global deforestation.

CO2 Footprint

From production to distribution, we focus on minimizing our CO2 footprint. With our products and services, we can also help you make your CO2 footprint more sustainable and reduce it.

Plastic soup foundation

Plastic Soup Foundation

To limit the spread of plastic, we have partnered with the Plastic Soup Foundation. The plastic used in our production process is recycled after its lifespan.