Every unique situation requires its own wonderful custom Airturb project

Does your company, foundation or government have a challenge with its location, but do they still want to apply compact wind energy?

Looking for larger inquiries for your organisational locations? 

As a company, government or foundation you often have to contend with a high energy bill. In addition, there are additional challenges for organizations with regards to the expected energy transition in 2030. With both challenges ahead, we as Airturb are happy to help organizations make their location energy neutral by means of the wind.


A step that is visible to everyone

In addition to taking a step towards a sustainable organization, the Airturb Model one has a perfect image to your environment about how you deal with the elements and sustainability within your organization.

Custom projects are needed to innovate unique locations

Not every location is immediately suitable for the installation of the Airturb Model one. Innovation wouldn’t exist if we were afraid of a little challenge. For this reason, Airturb is innovating with it’s customers. We create a joint project to conquer these challenges for all to benefit.


We learn from our projects

We only need to treat each unique location once, after which we can offer standardized solutions for future locations. Are you the first with a unique location?

Making your organization more sustainable, without environmental damage

By making use of small-scale wind energy, organizations can more easily innovate without damaging the environment.

Do you want to get started with your own local wind energy as an organization?

Like other organizations, do you want to collaborate with the elements to make your location sustainable and green? From now on that is completely possible! Sign up in the form below and indicate what you are looking for. We will contact you as soon as possible.