A vision made possible by today’s certified Airturb experts.

The transition to a more sustainable society must be realized by experts who consider safety, quality and support important.

A high focus on safeguarding the quality of our compact energy solutions

Airturb critically determines with whom it cooperates. That is why we choose experts we trust, men and women with the same vision and years of experience to make your movement as valuable as possible.


Years Experience

Just like you, we don’t trust everyone on the basis of fine words. We expect experience, knowledge and expertise. This will also be provided by every certified installer.


Perfect Quality

Your investment must do justice. Our installers know everything about the compact energy solution they offer. As a result, the quality is high and the Airturb can last a long time.


Service Orientation

The investment in changing the future deserves the best level of service. If you cannot find a solution, you need questions or support. Our certified installers are always ready.

Access to more specific information, installation details and content mapping.

Airturb offers installers specific documentation, manuals and guidelines to deliver quality work. All installers are trained by Airturb to meet your requirements.

Do you want to become a certified and trusted partner of Airturb?

It is only possible to become an Airturb installer if you are NEN 10 10 certified and have more than 35 FTEs in service. Do you fit our requirements, and do our installation and safety details fit your company?